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    Digitalisation Bridging the OT/IT gap

There are many disciplines that run throughout Capula; from asset management, optimisation & integration to digital evolution & consultancy – but there are also differences. Digitalisation isn’t about the here and now. It looks to what’s next, it inspires change; going beyond today’s challenges, building the foundations for high performance industry in the digital age.

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We help to:

See the power of possibilities.

BY BEing partners in future performance.


Helping you reach new possibilities

Working in close partnership with your business, we will identify and build Technology Bridges™ – solutions designed to increase performance and capacity across all your systems, streamlining and modernising the way you work digitally and future proofing your assets.

Digital innovation and revolution led with insight; steadily expanding capabilities and delivering digital solutions that transform your business for the long-term.

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Digital Discovery

Technology on its own does not deliver value. It is how that technology relates to your current business state and can be related to achieving your business goals or addressing risks.

For this to be successful technology needs to be considered in relation to People, Process and Culture.

We are experts in navigating legacy and new technologies and will partner with you to assist in shaping your discovery process and inform your delivery plan to help support ongoing operational and continuous improvement strategies.

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Consultative Approach

Capula Futures offers an impartial approach to the application of operational and information technology, and the harnessing of data, informing the decisions that drive sustainable asset performance.

Supporting the functioning of their critical systems now, maintaining resilience and reliability of legacy systems; as well as looking to what is next, whether that be implementing new technologies, increasing connectivity, or alleviating a rising cyber threat

We guide our customers’ digital strategy through operational effectiveness, empowering the connectivity and control of their industrial assets.

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We apply a discovery methodology

helping our customers:

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Optimise Processes

Benefiting from even greater connectivity of the data you have access to, will help to optimise the processes you rely on, to ensure operational performance and profitability.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Remaining competitive and profitable demands a continuous review of your operational costs, as well as driving innovation and new ways of working.


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Empower Decision Making

Removing the boundaries that can exist to support greater accessibility and visibility of information will help to drive more effective and timely decision making, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Improve Communication

Siloed information and working practices typically inhibit communication, however being more effective is critical to productivity, profitability, and stakeholder confidence.

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Be More Compliant

A prerequisite of any compliance process is to demonstrate management of your risks, reporting on outcomes and providing timely verifications of your commitments under the compliance process.

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Achieve Net Zero

The world is changing and to remain competitive companies and industries need to adapt at an increasingly faster rate. Energy consumption is a key area being addressed with Government targets to make our lives greener and meet defined Net Zero targets.

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Cyber Resilience

Our comprehensive portfolio of services & solutions are delivered by OT and industrial security experts with a demonstrable track record and over five decades of experience in the development and support of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for customers in security-critical sectors.

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Open Architecture Design

For us, open architecture systems are easier to install, commission, troubleshoot and support, but why?

Proprietary solutions may not offer even the simplest third-party integration due to closed protocols.

Open architecture systems are however designed to be "bolt on compatible", meaning they can be easily scaled, such that you can add, reconfigure or upgrade a component of the system to support any changing or future needs.

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By digitising information-intensive processes, costs can be cut by up to 90%

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While the drivers for digital change are known and the potential outcomes are understood, it is challenging to navigate this digital path. We are helping to energise digital change for our customers.

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If you are navigating your way through a digital project, whether looking to optimise legacy or new technologies, we can partner with you to help to shape your pathway.

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