Chevron Upstream Europe

Chevron Upstream Europe

Project Seer / Operational Insight

The oil and gas global market faces challenges in economics, scale and safety, and it is directly reactive to supply and demand.

Many companies working in this sector face issues around service growth, increasing productivity, the capability to accelerate production and reduce downtime; all without comprising safety and corporate social responsibility.


Operational excellence lies at the heart of Chevron’s overall business strategy. It constantly reviews and evaluates the business processes that connect people, assets and information.

Analysis indicated that the current processes for data capture and reporting were potentially hindering employee productivity, resulting in a duplication of effort and preventing effective management of information.

Information, which can provide a valuable insight into operational performance, is created and stored across a variety of remote devices and systems.

Oil and gas

Project Seer

The aim of Project Seer was to develop an integrated architecture with business processes that would make this data accessible across the organisation; to achieve operational excellence, improve safety and regulatory compliance and gain greater efficiency through accelerated production and reduced downtime, replacing the disparate systems and parts currently used.

How we helped

Capula shared Chevron’s core vision for a visible platform where business systems interact seamlessly with operational systems in order to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Capula was selected because of its reputation of being able to deliver even the most complex and demanding projects to business critical deadlines, and its expertise and ideas in applying real-time solutions for business improvement.

Capula solution

Capula has been involved in the project since its inception in 2005. Working as one of the strategic delivery partners, it is responsible for the realtime component, which is at the heart of the project architecture.

Products from OSIsoft’s PI System infrastructure form the integration engine and are a core part of the Seer data warehouse. This is closely integrated with a Microsoft SQL server to provide a unified view of time series and relational information.

To achieve this operational excellence an innovative framework called Service Orientation and Business Intelligence (SoBI) was used, where systems, applications and data are used as services with a platform consisting of data warehousing and time series data feeds.

As an OSIsoft partner, Capula is responsible for implementing the real-time platform that underpins the delivery of the operational data including:

  • Integration of the core PI Server and applications from OSIsoft
  • Interfaces to the diverse data sources
  • Manipulation of the real-time data events
  • Integration to real-time data consumers
  • Development of a unique web presentation layer – using PI WebParts from the OSIsoft PI System infrastructure

To support its delivery of real-time solutions into the project, Capula also provided bespoke software development, testing, installation and project management services.