SCADA replacement project

SCADA replacement project

SCADA replacement project / Largest Water and Wastewater provider

Capula was awarded a contract to modernise the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for one of the UK’s largest water and wastewater services provider, across 19 of their sites nationally.

The client’s existing systems were complex to maintain and were based on unsupported legacy software solutions. Different SCADA systems were installed at many of the client’s 19 sites, that were configured independently of each other and relied on the technical skills of many specialists for support and maintenance. The client also identified the need for high quality operational performance to help it improve business performance whilst ensuring compliance with the strict regulatory legislation imposed on utilities companies.

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How we helped?

Capula utilised Wonderware technologies to replace legacy and/or obsolete systems to maintain and improve the functionality of the client’s existing system. The scope of the project involved the configuration of the various elements of the system including the SCADA configuration, software development, PLC integration and the full system life cycle management.

The new site SCADA system was implemented to monitor and control the site-based assets, gather performance data from different locations across the sites into a central point, which allows the client to monitor the efficiency of certain processes being performed and assess whether certain components require maintenance.

The seamless integration of the system in a controlled and structured manner eliminated potential process data loss and minimised any disruption to the system controllers and engineering staff. The well designed architecture has provided a flexible and reliable system that offers improved ease of maintenance and fault finding