Sellafield - An enduring partnership

Sellafield - An enduring partnership

Sellafield / 80 years in the making

Sellafield has been nearly 80 years in the making. A pioneer for the UK’s nuclear industry, it supported national defence, generated electricity for nearly half a century, and developed the ability to safely manage nuclear waste.

Each chapter of Sellafield’s history delivered great benefit for the country while creating a complex nuclear clean-up challenge for which there are no blueprints.

Today, Sellafield covers 6 square kilometres and is home to more than 200 nuclear facilities and the largest inventory of untreated nuclear waste in the world.

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  • Ensuring continued and safe operational readiness of critical plant and process infrastructure
  • Enabling greater performance, availability, resilience, and future proofing of assets
  • Creating data visibility, accessibility, and usability to leverage more value out of new and legacy assets
  • Allowing a more informed decision-making ability through data driven processes
  • Mitigating major risk factors critical to safe and secure operational readiness

Capula has supported Sellafield for almost 40 years; building extensive control systems knowledge and experience through a long-term trusted relationship.

Our early projects still operational today include the Fuel Handling Plant, Thorp and SIXEP (Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant), with more recent projects aligning to Sellafield site-wide digitalisation strategy and modernisation of their technologies. Over 70% of the control systems on site have been designed and implemented by Capula.


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