ASK AN APPRENTICE: Bradley Phillips

We talked to Bradley about his experiences as an apprentice at Capula, here's what he said:

How long have you been with Capula?

I started in June 2022

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

Having been to college previously I heard a lot from other students about what they were doing on an apprenticeship. I asked them what it was like to work and study and I felt that this seemed like a good career path for me, especially being able to earn whilst I learnt.

Why Capula?

I had a family member that had previously worked for Capula, and they said that they really loved working there. When I looked at the Capula website to see what they had on offer, I saw that there were so many apprenticeship levels and opportunities available right up to post degree level. Not many employers offer career opportunities like this, which is why I felt that Capula really stood out.

How are you finding your studies?

Although I feel that I had learned a lot of the content during my previous college course, this refresh has come in useful as I am using my knowledge now on a daily basis. This is really helping me to excel in my role.

How has Capula supported you so far?

Capula has provided me with a variety of opportunities in terms of personal development. I have attended numerous Health & Safety training courses and have been provided with all the PPE and tools required for my role. I feel that Capula has really invested in my career and has already helped to increase my confidence.

How do you balance your work / life / studies?

I balance my time very well. Work and study time is given, and I also use some of my own time to study. I also find the logbook sessions helpful. I enjoy being at work a lot.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy the variety of work that I do, every week is different. We work really well as a team, everyone is so helpful, nothing is too much trouble.

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