Capula Achieves Green Energy Production and CO2 Savings with New Solar PV Installation

Capula Achieves Green Energy Production and CO2 Savings with New Solar PV Installation

Capula Achieves Green Energy Production, CO2 Savings and Passes a 70MWh Milestone with New Solar PV Installation

Capula, a leading integrator of industrial automation and control systems for critical infrastructure and energy, has recently completed a solar photovoltaics (PV) installation at its offices in Stone, Staffordshire, resulting in impressive green energy production.

With a continued commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Capula’s investment has seen over 70MWh of electricity generated in just 5 months, with the system supplying green energy to its facilities in Stone.

In parallel to the installation, Capula has also designed a system that captures and visualises the data from the solar PV system, adding analytics to present a comprehensive, detailed digital dashboard of the electricity generated in real-time.

Solar PV Dashboard

Eduan Smit, Capula’s Digital Solutions Owner, who led the digital dashboard visualisation project highlighted the achievement, stating, "Being able to see the electricity generated in real-time is a great way for us to see progress made and spot opportunities or areas for further savings.

To put our savings to date into perspective, saving 13 tons of CO2 is equivalent to 13 passenger journeys from Paris to New York or the emissions from driving a standard petrol car for about 6.5 years. Capturing just 1 ton of CO2 emissions would require the growth of around 50 trees for one year.

This impressive reduction of CO2 has also led to substantial savings equating to around £19k in financial savings."

Commenting on the installation, Simon Coombs, Managing Director, Capula said, “We are proud of the savings we’ve made and are committed to continuing to look at how we meet our energy needs as part of our own net-zero ambitions.

This integrated approach not only enhances our operational efficiency but also reinforces our dedication to sustainable practices”.

This initiative comes as Capula prepares to participate in Net Zero Week starting July 8th, emphasising their proactive approach to sustainability and commitment to reducing environmental impact.

This latest project is a further development in the delivery of Capula’s Carbon Reduction Plan following the installation of EV chargers at its offices in 2023.

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