Capula and ThingWorx announce partnership to drive new generation of smart automation solutions

Capula and PTC ThingWorx ( have established a partnership to develop advanced IoT-driven automation and management solutions for the manufacturing, energy, utilities and building-management sectors.

With more than 40 years’ experience in delivering control, automation and real-time management solutions in some of the world’s most complex and demanding industrial environments, Capula, an Imtech company, has been at the forefront of networked automation since the development of the first programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The company is now adopting PTC’s ThingWorx as the platform for the development of a new generation of IoT-based systems.

Visitors to Smart IoT London had the opportunity to preview one of the first outcomes of the new partnership; Capula’s forthcoming OPUS Building Performance Management Solution. The cross-industry solution, built on the ThingWorx platform, has been designed to allow organisations of any size to manage a range of operational functions including power, water, HVAC, and security systems world-wide through a single, integrated interface.

Capula has always focussed on providing its customers with the ability to monitor, understand and control the performance of assets with maximum efficiency and reliability, regardless of the underlying hardware. The extensive experience in deploying IoT digital technologies to clients has led the company to design and produce an industry-first product.

“With OPUS, we have developed an offering that directly addresses a significant challenge for many companies,” says Alastair Norman, Business Manager of Operational Intelligence at Capula. “ThingWorx gives us the powerful, flexible and device-independent platform we were looking for to help our customers harness the emerging power of the Internet of Things.”

Capula really understands the challenges of large-scale industrial control and automation, and has deep experience in tackling exactly the sort of problems that ThingWorx has been designed to address,” says Georges Millet, Channel Sales EMEA Vice President at PTC. “It’s great to see how our platform is already helping Capula to accelerate its development processes and build more powerful, adaptable and open solutions.”

Pictured from left: Jim Hepperlmann, CEO of PTC with Mark Hardy, CEO of Capula.

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