Capula completes the Severn Trent Water Mountain Challenge

A sizeable group of Capula colleagues was successful in completing the Severn Trent Water Mountain Challenge this weekend, raising more than £2,250 for charity in the process.

Seven Capula teams, formed from a total of 25 individuals, completed the 10, 20 or 30 mile routes in the Peak District, Derbyshire, while raising money for WaterAid through sponsorship and donations. One group - Dam Fools Reborn (Dave Cartlidge, Jade Hughes, Paul Warnaby & Vince Coyne) - even recorded the fastest 30 mile time on the day for a mixed team (10 hours, 9 minutes), taking home the 'His & Hers' trophy!

It was the second time Capula had participated in the event, with a number of the same individuals completing the course in sweltering conditions last year. “We challenged ourselves to do a harder route this year,” said Project Administrator Kate Allerton, “Fortunately all the training paid off – I’m really pleased!”

Business Development Manager Dave Scott agreed: “It was great, although according to my GPS the route was 21.2 miles and not 20! We spent most of the route having to wait for one of our team members to keep up, before he got a spurt of energy in the last half mile meaning we had to sprint to catch him up at the finish line!”

“It was another amazing route,” said Recruitment Co-ordinator Tracey Francis, “It was really challenging but we actually recorded a faster time than 2013 and I’m excited about doing it again next year!”

WaterAid has helped over 17 million people gain access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation since its conception in 1981, working in 27 countries worldwide. If you would like to add to the Capula teams’ fundraising total, you can find links to each group’s online donation page here.

You can view a variety of photos taken by the various Capula teams on the day on our Facebook page.

Pictured above L-R: Matthew Rowland, Kate Allerton, Simon Robinson, Dave Cartlidge, Jade Hughes, John Howie, Ian Preece, Tracey Francis

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