Capula conducting hardware survey on behalf of Thames Water

Thames Water’s new alliance eight2O has teamed up with ICA Framework partners Capula (part of Imtech) to remove the risk of replacing more than 400 key control units on nearly 200 of Thames Water’s sites through improved understanding the infrastructure and asset condition, which will enable Thames to make a better-informed choice of replacement solutions.

A large number of the Thames Water’s SCADA controllers are now considered to be reaching the end of their useful life and are due for replacement in AMP6. The results of Capula's in-depth surveys will enable bidders to have a clear picture of what is currently in place.

Neil White, Business Development Manager for Capula said "eight2O are making use of Capula’s specialist skills to survey the existing controllers across Thames Water’s portfolio of sites. The results will help Thames Water deliver the best outcomes for their customers, not just through the reliable control and performance of our assets, but also by driving down costs through getting the right solution in place as we head into AMP6."

A total of 413 BBL nodes across 183 of Thames Water’s sites will be surveyed, with the work equally split with Adsyst. The survey also includes mapping out existing site architecture, recommending current solutions available for replacement and translating this into a modern standard system architecture that can be deployed across the Thames Water estate. Capula will be working closely with Adsyst to ensure a joined up, consistent and standardised approach, ensuring good quality results for the client.

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