Capula discusses the role of data in improving water quality at the Water Quality in Networks Forum (WQNF)

Author: Tom Waite, Principal Engineer

Capula will be sharing insights on how data can help to improve water quality at the Water Quality in Networks Forum (WQNF) taking place at the University of Sheffield on Tuesday 26th October.

The presentation will be delivered by Tom Waite, Principal Engineer, who will explain how water companies could look for leading indicators of water quality from the data they already collect, and how by adopting more predictive technologies data could be more effectively optimised to support business decisions.

Co-hosted by ATi UK, the topic is 'What Data and Why' and will include presentations from:

Panton McLeod - Actionable Data and Service Reservoir Performance
Severn Trent - The Importance of Reliable Data in Understanding Customer Demand Changes
Capula - Using Data to Improve Water Quality

If you would like to receive an invite to attend, please email:

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