Capula extends dependable warranty cover

Are you looking to drive down expensive, unplanned maintenance?

Our warranty cover packages aim to keep your plant operating safely, reliably and economically with access to the support and expertise you need, whenever you need it, however you need it.

Customers can also opt to extend their warranty coverage to our Warranty+ or go one step further and design a dedicated support package that is tailored to their business.

Investing in cutting edge, efficient systems for your facility is a smart decision. All of our products and systems offer a 12-month warranty as standard, giving industries the confidence they need in their reliability and performance.

Why choose us?

  • Protect your budget from unscheduled expenses
  • Reduce your administrative costs by processing only one purchase order per warranty period
  • Protect your biggest investment
  • Benefit from a dedicated and experienced engineering team
  • Add or remove consultative services flexible to your needs
  • Deal with a single point of contact for all your technologies

For more info on our coverage options and prices, download our warranty brochure below.

Looking for dependable Warranty Cover?

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