Capula Helps to Keep the Lights on at Stafford Scouts Club

The 21st West Stafford Scout group offers a varied programme providing adventure, fun and important life skills to 6 to 14year old boys and girls.

Having to adapt to the changing restrictions posed by the COVID pandemic, the club had been looking at ways to help keep the club better connected.

Since March for instance they had been using Zoom to support face to face sessions and whilst the Scout hub was reopened in September, the continued restrictions meant that they needed to look at ways to support even more outdoor activities.

With the evenings starting to draw in the Scout group found that providing adequate lighting for outdoor activities was becoming increasingly difficult. Although the group already owned 2 LED tripod lights, the power cords were only 3m in length, and so restricted the activities undertaken.

To support the club, Capula donated caravan extension cables, enabling the group to create well-lit, socially distanced areas to help them to work safely on their activities.

Andy Lorenz, Capula Service Engineer said: “Myself and the rest of the Scouts group would like to thank Capula for their kind donation, it’s great that we can still meet face-to-face in the current climate and continue to provide fun and engaging activities in a safe environment.

Pictured below, the 21st West Stafford Cubs with the LED lights and their new cables. Capula service engineer Andy Lorenz is Bagheera on the left of the picture.

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