Capula lands Sellafield contract to upgrade control systems

Capula (part of Imtech UK) has been awarded a contract by Sellafield Ltd to carry out a control system upgrade project at their Cumbria site.

The project will see Capula upgrade a number of obsolete control systems at Sellafield’s Waste Vitrification Plant and replace them with a more up-to date solution. The work package will address the limited availability of spares, removing the issue of potential insecurities in availability and supply.

The Windscale Vitrification Plant converts High Level Waste which arises in liquid form from the reprocessing of nuclear fuel at Sellafield into a solid glass form within stainless steel containers. This creates a safe product for storage until eventual transportation overseas to fulfil customer contracts or long term storage in a Geological Disposal Facility.

“Capula is celebrating 40 years in the UK nuclear industry this year, with our relationship with Sellafield dating back to the early 1980s,” said Business Sector Manager Natalie Smalley, “we are well placed to deliver this solution and are pleased to be continuing this relationship through the award of this contract.”

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