Capula named on new Sellafield Control Systems Framework

Capula (part of Imtech UK) has been selected by Sellafield to be part of their new Control Systems Framework. This strategic framework has been created by Sellafield to cover the replacement of obsolete control systems, including PLC, SCADA, DCS, MIS and waste tracking systems, on their Cumbria site.

Our selection followed a rigorous review where Capula’s standards in quality, health and safety, delivery expertise and more were assessed. The agreement lasts three years, with an option for Sellafield to extend it by a further 12 months. It follows on from their previous Control System Framework, for which Capula has delivered a number of key projects from both our Staffordshire headquarters and local office near Whitehaven in Cumbria.

As part of the framework agreement, Capula will be responsible for carrying out a range of control system activities including capture and definition, system design, building and testing applications, commissioning, and producing high quality and detailed supporting documentation. It is possible that 20 or more contracts could be awarded within the framework’s potential four year timespan.

“Capula has been working with Sellafield for more than 30 years,” said Dave Scott, Business Development Manager for Nuclear, "Our extensive understanding of their systems - many of which were originally installed by Capula - means we are well positioned to deliver quality solutions to Sellafield Ltd on this Framework."

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