Capula pools its talent at TechJam 2016

Capula has launched its first ever 'TechJam' event this week as a platform to encourage an open exchange of ideas and knowledge, accelerate innovation and add value to clients active in the diverse sectors in which we operate.

The eventSONY DSC was attended by a group of 18 dynamic professionals from across the business, who each brought insightful perspectives to the table, after having already engaged with their individual teams. As a business, we actively seek out emerging trends to enable us to continue delivering transformative systems integration technologies as a market leader.

“This agile, collaborative approach has allowed us to pool our knowledge and tap into the minds of some of our most creative, lateral thinkers who are pivotal to our success”, commented Capula’s Managing Director, Mark Hardy. “I am genuinely excited by the 'TechJam' process and believe the outputs will prove significant for our growth.”

The resulting concepts will now determine a series of development programs for 2017 that will architect the future technology roadmap for the company and contribute to our vision to advance the future of digital connectivity.

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