Capula provides wind farm reporting for Energia Renewables

Capula successfully commissioned a real-time wind farm monitoring solution for Energia Renewables that allows them to see the production and status of the wind turbines in their fleet across the Irish Republic.

Energia Renewables provides 25% of Ireland’s wind power through the numerous wind farms in its portfolio, some of which have been recently acquired and others currently under construction. They identified a requirement to develop a robust reporting and analysis solution to ensure consistent real-time performance information from each distributed site.

Capula’s monitoring system, which makes use of the PI Asset Framework feature of the OSIsoft PI System, connects to the field control systems via telecommunication links, enabling Energia Renewables to view the performance of even their most remotely located wind farm assets from a central location in Dublin.

This carries several benefits for the client, not least being able to view at-a-glance asset status and exercise remote fault-finding – both of which result in reduced business costs over time.

Brian Mullen, Operations Manager for Energia Renewables, said: “Capula’s integration of our SCADA and CMMS systems greatly streamlines workflow processes. This ultimately leads to resource efficiencies and long term benefits for our operations.”

Capula is a leading UK-based integrator of the OSIsoft PI System across several markets, and provides a comprehensive range of training courses for operators. For more information, click here.

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