Capula represented at Big Bang Fair

The event which was attended by over 70,000 visitors aims to show young people the exciting and rewarding opportunities available to them by bringing classroom learning to life through a range of fun theatre shows, interactive workshops and exhibits as well as providing careers information from STEM professionals.
“I enjoyed helping out with an activity designed to test young people's planning and problem-solving skills by designing cargo packaging intended for charity relief efforts whilst working within set parameters. The youngsters were thoroughly engaged on this task and their enthusiasm was infectious”.
Sandie already has extensive experience of volunteering with young people and is a registered STEM Ambassador on the STEMNET programme which involves her delivering careers talks and supporting STEM activities in local schools through a range of original, creative, practical and engaging ways.
“I became a STEM Ambassador to help promote the image of engineering and hopefully inspire young people to consider engineering as a future career path” says Sandie. “It’s great that Capula has supported my involvement in such activities as part of its strategy to help nurture young talent in the industry.”

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