Capula triumphs at UK Energy Innovation Awards

Capula is celebrating an award win at the prestigious UK Energy Innovation Awards held on Thursday 28th September for the ‘Best Innovation Contributing to Quality & Reliability of Electricity supply’ award.

Supported by industry partners COPA-DATA, Capula demonstrated the significant impact the innovative IMPERIUM solution has on the reliability of electricity supply. IMPERIUM addresses modern energy challenges and has the powerful capability to reduce electrical outages to just a few hours rather than the days or weeks typically associated with substation upgrade or maintenance projects. It combines four essential elements; a unique database structure developed over twenty years by Capula engineers, the unique capabilities of a portable DCCU unit*, together with off-the-shelf technologies incorporating COPA-DATA’s 'Zenon' software.

“I’m so proud of our talented engineers who developed all the elements within this game-changing innovation, from the early conceptual stages through to its final design,” commented Martin Payne, Business Manager for Transmission and Distribution at Capula. “We would also like to thank our client, National Grid who have given us the opportunity to implement the technology on their critical assets at substation sites nationally and for their continued support.”

‘We are delighted to have won the award at this prestigious ceremony and particularly in view of the high standard of entrants. It is a testament to the impact the IMPERIUM solution is having on the network”, said Mark Hardy, Managing Director at Capula. “IMPERIUM facilitates a fruitful partnership with energy network providers and drives through the best value for energy customers.”

*Capula’s dual central control unit (DCCU) is an innovative portable unit designed to temporarily assume control of all existing Remote Telemetry Units within substations so that upgrade works can safely be carried out. This enables the seamless integration in situ whilst monitoring/diagnostics facilities and core activities remain operational.

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