We talked to Sarah about her experiences as an apprentice at Capula, here's what she said:

How long have you been with Capula?

I have been with Capula for around 4 months, starting my apprenticeship in September 2023.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship rather than go to university as it would give me real-world work experience and incredible opportunities that going to university wouldn't. An apprenticeship allows me to earn alongside working whilst still finishing with a degree - this is a huge motivation. Also I'm able to be recognised as a Junior Engineer from day one. I'm able to work alongside qualified Engineers with years of experience as well as existing apprentices who can give me advice and help with any university work I may be struggling with.

Compared to university I'm surrounded by people that I would not have access to, which I think will enable me to build a stronger knowledge base for completing my degree. Overall I feel I will finish my apprenticeship with much more experience and be more employable at an earlier age which will create a strong foundation for my continued career.

How are you finding your studies?

I'm still understanding and comprehending my studies, but I'm currently studying an introduction to engineering design and practice, personal professional development and have a tutorial involving computer aided design.

I'm enjoying learning about material types, their advantages, disadvantages and when is best to use them. I’ve also learnt about the chemical side of materials and how that can be manipulated for a more versatile product.

I'm just about to sit my first exam and I feel confident in what I’ve learnt so far and excited to move forward to future modules.

How has Capula supported you so far?

I first joined Capula as a Junior Project Manager, although I enjoyed getting to know the basics of project management I found that I had a better grasp and found more enjoyment in the engineering side of the company. After speaking to my manager, the switch was made the same day - it's good to be part of such a helpful and caring company who genuinely want to support and help you.

In other areas, a number of the existing apprentices have helped me to correctly layout my assignments and have given me tips on how to use Word more efficiently. I have also been sent on various health and safety training courses.

How do you balance your work / life / studies?

Capula provides me with a designated university day which is incredibly helpful to stay on top of my workload, this takes a load of stress away as I know I have the time in the week alongside my own time if I fall behind to complete it. Capula also employs flexi time which is incredibly helpful too.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

There are many things I enjoy about being a Junior Engineer at Capula; I enjoy the social aspect of being in the office, getting to talk and learn from new people in different teams and expand my knowledge base and discover new areas I might want to go into one day.

I enjoy the hands-on aspect of the job, I recently had the opportunity to complete a bit of work on the shopfloor helping with the build process and getting to grips with reading and understanding the drawing packs. This has helped to make it much easier to do the build and overall being part of the process from start to finish although challenging has been so satisfying to see the end result.

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