OPUS Energy Management solution helps reduce NHS energy consumption

Capula’s OPUS Energy Management Application that uses the latest advanced IIoT technologies, is being deployed at Harrogate District Hospital by parent organisation and leading technical services provider Imtech, to facilitate and optimise energy management and reporting. Imtech will incorporate the OPUS Energy Management Application as it completes infrastructure upgrade projects at 16 NHS sites across the UK.

Under the Carbon and Energy Fund framework, Imtech’s Low Carbon Solutions business has implemented a series of energy efficiency measures for Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust. The improvements will deliver more than £15 million to frontline patient care and reduce carbon emissions by 90,000 tonnes over 25 years. The work has involved upgrades to the mechanical and electrical infrastructure across the site, including the installation of LED lighting, modifications to an existing combined heat and power (CHP) plant and a system that recycles low-grade waste heat to keep the facility’s car parks clear of ice in the winter.

The new OPUS Energy Management Application facilitates the monthly reporting element of Imtech’s contract, required to demonstrate that rigorous key performance indicators are being met on the energy performance of the facility. The OPUS Energy Management solution integrates data collection and notifications from multiple building management systems by automating the full workflow required to collect data, calculate KPIs and generate performance reports. As well as improving reporting accuracy, OPUS provides Imtech with a full overview of the status and performance of hospital assets through a single desktop dashboard.

“The OPUS Energy Management Application enables us to monitor the energy performance of key assets in real time and the installation of the OPUS equipment within the Energy Centre at Harrogate District Hospital was surprisingly simple,” commented Tony Cookson, Energy Manager at Imtech. “The OPUS solution helps deliver substantial energy savings to the NHS through its smart monitoring and exception reporting.”

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