Sustainable generator at National Grid Ferrybridge Power Station

Capula supports service delivery and CO₂ reductions by installing sustainable generator at National Grid Electricity Transmission’s Ferrybridge Power Station

With a continued focus and commitment to supporting Net-Zero, Staffordshire based Capula recently installed an innovative, environmentally sustainable generator solution to help support off-grid power for its recent National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) Ferrybridge Power Station project.

The additional generator supported a separate, remotely-located Welfare Unit which was needed to ensure COVID-19 social distancing requirements were in place.

To ensure that they could continue to deliver services in a compliant manner, the Capula team quickly identified solutions that would deliver off-grid power in the most sustainable way compared to traditional diesel generators.

Capula recommended the Think Hire Solartainer Versatile solar hybrid generator supplied by Think Hire Ltd via Garic to help reduce carbon and noise pollution.

Compared to diesel generator alternatives, the Solartainer Versatile solution delivered a CO₂ reduction of 95% per day, equating to over 43 tonnes, and an 84% reduction in noise for the total hire period of 91 days.

Paul Bayliss, Capula Operations Director, said: “As a responsible supplier, we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint when we deliver services to our customers. In this instance, we had to operate differently because of the pandemic, so we needed to think creatively about how we could best support our customer without incurring significant environmental impact.

Following from the success at Ferrybridge, we are now adopting the Solartainer Versatile solution as our preferred method of powering welfare establishments across NGET sites, including implementations at Nechells, Wylfa and St Johns Wood”.

NGET is now looking to include this project as an example of sustainability and innovation on its Good Practice System which is available to all employees and contractors as a way of better supporting and facilitating learning across the business.

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