Supporting the future energy system to help achieve net-zero

With over 50 years experience working in the energy sector, we continue to deliver critical support to the emerging future energy system.

Demanded by Government,
delivered by Industry

From advancing offshore wind, driving the growth of hydrogen, delivering new and advanced nuclear power; to green public transport, greener buildings and investing in carbon capture, usage and storage, the energy industry is at the centre of the challenge to deliver net-zero carbon by 2050.

The UK’s current energy market model faces a complete overhaul which is needed to deliver the investment required to build the future energy system.

This need for market transformation is driving it to look at new ways of working. It is looking for greater efficiency, while maintaining the world class level of customer service, and continued reliability and security of supply.

The energy industry and government alike recognises that without digitalisation and investment in new low carbon technologies the UK’s energy market will not be able to change at the pace needed to achieve net-zero.

Evolution not revolution

As a leading systems integrator for digital solutions and services to the energy sector, we have built a strong reputation for delivering engineering projects on some of the most critical national infrastructure, to drive optimised and continuous improvements in asset performance against a backdrop of a complex and changing landscape.

With our engineering pedigree and know-how of working across the energy industry we bridge the gap between Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technology (IT), enabling our customers to realise the benefits in a diverse mix of technologies and solutions.

Our deep engineering experience in the digitalisation and modernisation of operational systems and infrastructure, integrating new and legacy technologies, optimising data availability, and delivering numerous industry leading innovation projects.

And we support the digitisation and integration of systems and data across every link in the energy value chain from Power Generation, Nuclear, Transmission and Distribution networks and Renewables; as well as its extended supply chain.

We’re part of a family
working together to achieve net-zero

Jointly owned by Dalkia and EDF, Britain's biggest generator of low carbon electricity, we leverage the strength of our Group and support it by providing specialist OT integration support to a number of programmes - helping us to collectively contribute to the UK’s net-zero carbon target.

Our Group commitment means that we are consistently developing solutions that help to energise digital change for our customers.

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