Energy Networks

Energy Networks

Digitalisation and innovation

Supporting the future energy system through the modernisation, upgrade and digitalisation of electricity networks.

Systems supplied by Capula control the transmission and distribution of electricity to meet the energy needs of over 14 million people.

We are one of the largest suppliers of substation control systems for the electricity network across the UK, supporting upgrades of critical national infrastructure to the most up to date industry standards, and have been at the forefront of technology innovation and digitalisation of physical assets for over 50 years.

Smart grid flexible systems required enhance energy system

The energy system is changing rapidly, but the changes need to go further and faster

As the UK focuses on a drive to net zero, transmission and distribution network operators play a critical role in maintaining operational resilience and reliability of supply, whilst learning how to manage in what will be an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Digitalisation is seen as the key to ensuring network stability in a fast changing energy landscape where an exponential growth in renewable energy generation, IIOT devices and sensors, electric vehicle charging, heat pumps and larger small scale battery storage are all predicted to be connected to the network in the next decade.

All of these factors demand new approaches in stabilising and optimising the network’s management and operations:

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Deliver safe, reliable and affordable grid operations
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Optimise energy performance
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Minimise risk and maximise performance and availability of key assets
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Deliver innovation to support the energy system of the future


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