Power Generation

Power Generation

Keeping the lights on

Supporting the transition to net-zero

Capula has supported some of the UKs largest power generation plants for decades; and with its enduring support has helped some of its customers successfully transition their operations to respond to the changes demanded by Government as part of the UK's 10 point plan for green recovery.

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The need for new

The UK government has clearly presented its policy priorities for UK energy which has included the phasing out of coal-fired generation, building new gas-fired plants and the use of greener technologies such as biomass.

In some instances, our customers are looking to transition their operations as part of this changing environment and this typically demands new operating models, the use of different assets (smaller and of different types), integration of new and legacy technologies and opportunities for alternative revenues or mixed use of sites.

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Supporting for the now and next

Our solutions provide enhancements to improve efficiency and optimisation of processes.

Capula has an established history of supporting a range of coal-fired, gas-fired Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plants (CCGT), energy from waste, hydro, biomass and other power generation customers, including nuclear.

Capula is a leading provider of automation systems for coal-fired plant conversions to biomass power plants. Our experience includes the modification, expansion and upgrading of control systems on large coal-fired power stations to enable the plant to burn renewable energy fuel.

We also provide automation control and protection systems for new-build biomass power plants and modification and upgrades to existing renewable energy power plants.


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