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Supporting a changing industry

We have played an active part in the Water sector for many decades, and continue to make significant contributions to programmes undertaken by major water companies in the areas of engineering, asset management, energy optimisation and digitalisation.

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Targeted solutions for a changing sector

We have worked with the majority of the UK Water and Wastewater companies, evolving our solutions to best support the increased challenges faced by the industry.

From traditional control systems, system integration; SCADA, Telemetry and PLC replacements; evolving into power management system upgrades to support on site generation using CHP, THP and renewable technologies; as well as solutions to support increased site resilience and demand side response (TRIAD / STOR).

A changing landscape

The UK Water Industry is facing increasing pressures.

As well as the traditional challenges around leakage, pollutions and delivering their 5 year Asset Management Plans (AMP); Water and Wastewater companies are facing increased scrutiny from the regulator in the shape of more rigorous Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs), a new Customer Measure of Experience (C-MEX) and a new Compliance Risk Index (CRI).

There has been a significant shift from the previous AMP period, where rewards were plenty, now failure to meet these ODI targets result in fines or prosecution – there is no gain. There is now greater emphasis on Customer expectation, quality compliance and environmental protection.

Green recovery plan

A further challenge is the UK Governments 2050 Net Zero target. The majority of UK Water and Wastewater Companies signed up to a pledge to achieve this by 2030, and they now face the challenge of balancing 9 years to meet it with the regulators demand for low bills and improved performance across all measures.

The UK's major water companies have outlined plans to collectively invest almost £3bn into environmental projects and sustainable infrastructure and processes, with the support of regulator Ofwat and the UK Government.

We are now supporting the delivery of large capital investment programmes, providing expertise in a number of core areas including:
  • Asset Management
  • Strategic Business Plan Support
  • Investment Planning
  • Engineering Standards Reviews
  • Contract Management (NEC3 & NEC4)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Case development and design solutions
  • Cyber Security and Penetration Testing (NIS-R)
  • Project Management
  • SEMD works
  • 24/7 Support Services

For the last two Regulatory Price Reviews, we have supported a FTSE 100 utility to develop their strategic business plan and business cases at both draft and final submissions – achieving Fast Track Final Determination in PR19. Additionally, we have provided support at the strategic level developing EICA strategies as well as approaches to investment programme planning.

And our collaborative approach means that in many instances we are providing enduring support to some of our customers, with established support arrangements that include fully embedded engineering resources, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives.

Digitalisation in the Water sector

Without digitalisation, and better use of data to inform decisions, it is accepted that the industry will not be able to make the step change in performance expected by both their customers and their regulators.

To better understand the performance of their assets and networks, and help to manage resources more effectively, we are supporting the industry with its approach to digitalisation, network visibility, data management as well as challenges around data quality and the drive to predictive analytics.

Working with partners we are delivering a number of key innovation programmes, helping to identify the key leading indicators that will allow water companies to take proactive action, better utilise existing data and reduce data gaps, and optimise the control and exploitation of their existing assets.

Making history with future thinking.

Capula Futures is a specialist innovation team that focuses on next generation digital transformation, preparing your assets - and your business - for technological advancements in the long-term.

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We are part of a bigger family

As part of the wider EDF Group, Capula is uniquely placed to support both the regulated and non-regulated energy teams within Utility companies - enabling the journey to net zero.

From providing greater visibility and demand-side flexibility, Capula works hard to support key energy generation teams with condition-based monitoring; greater visibility of asset, process and site performance; greater visibility of emissions from wastewater processes; greater data visibility; energy consumption reduction; reporting and compliance monitoring.

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