Section S172 Statement

Section S172 Statement

Section 172(1) statement


Capula continues to deliver against it’s 2022 strategy. Following the appointment of Gautier Jacob as CEO of Imtech UK in November 2020, the senior leadership team has been engaged to work collaboratively on a refreshed strategy to 2025. This work continues into 2021 and will, when finalised, replace the strategy to 2022.

The board makes decisions in respect of its operations considering the impact of the Group’s operations on the community and environment and the need to maintain high standards of business conduct. In taking decisions the board also considers the impact on its supply chain, which is key to the continued success of the business, across all sectors. In advance of making any decision, Directors are presented with papers and any relevant updates in relation to the Group’s strategic priorities. The board’s priority in making strategic decisions is about what it considers to be in the long-term success of the Group, from both a financial and safety perspective, as safety remains the overriding priority. The board uses information from stakeholder engagement, including employees and suppliers, together with community and environment factors to make these strategic decisions.

The feedback from stakeholders, particularly customers, supply chain partners and employees is paramount to the board when making decisions. The board also regularly reviews the Group’s safety performance to ensure that the zero harm ambition is met. This commitment means making sure that our workplaces are safe and healthy for everyone, including our employees and anyone working on our behalf

Our commitment to our people

Capula is a people-focused business and our leadership team is committed to putting our colleagues at the very centre of how we operate. As a services business, we are only as good as our ability to delight our clients and their customers; that is what drives everything we do in terms of commitment to, and investment in, our own people.

In 2020, we did much to improve the experience of working at Capula. We have made a commitment to ensure all vacancies at all levels are initially advertised internally.

Having a diverse workforce at all levels will ensure better performance and better decision making - for our business and for our shareholders. Capula believes that employing a diverse mix of people makes us a stronger and more sustainable business, and one that reflects the society around us. We value and encourage diversity of thought, perspective and experience in all respects. A new board has been set up at Group level to encourage and support women in the organisation and to deliver a new programme: ‘Women in Imtech’. This programme seeks to encourage women into Capula on a proportionate basis into all role types and to support women in developing their careers within the Group.

Changes have also been made to the internal portal to enable employees to manage their careers and areas where they can get support for various levels within the organisation. The changes made in 2020 and further development in 2021 is required in order to meet the long-term strategic goals of the organisation.

In order to deliver the growth and value we have strengthened our capability for leadership development, and we are investing in long term plans for skills development. A reorganised and coherent framework for Learning and Development is available for all levels of employees across Capula, which leverages the resources and opportunities provided by EDF, and which delivers:

  • A robust and validated model of talent identification and supporting management processes which is consistently applied across the Group;
  • A defined and well-understood framework for the provision of coaching and mentoring for those employees where it is appropriate;
  • Consistent and effective induction processes across the Group delivering an inspiring first experience for new employees; and,
  • Effective performance management and development discussions for all employees.

We also recruit young people as apprentices and graduates across our business. Engaging with and listening to our employees is a priority. We communicate with staff regularly through team meetings, learning sessions, briefings and our intranet. We also use the results of the EDF Group Employee Engagement Survey to address areas of concern raised by employees. The results of this Survey are discussed at Board level and are used to support the setting of company strategy and define individual business unit objectives. The discussions on the results of this survey impact the principal decisions taken by the directors.

Capula engages with employees through formal and informal channels, including emails from the Group CEO, the MD, team meetings, training sessions, open forums, and via our intranet. Our intranet is an e-platform for sharing company newsletters, announcements and accessing a wide variety of materials, i.e. company policies, information on well-being and company benefits etc.

Our commitment to our clients and customers

In 2020, we continued to focus on delivering for our client partnerships. We are investing in the relationships we enjoy with a wide range of public and private sector partners, while creating new partnerships and broadening our reach. We recognise the importance of delivering for our customers and positioning for repeat business and new work; accordingly, we work to ‘Succeed by delivering a better experience’, across the business. Our priority over the past two years has been to get closer to our markets, improve our services to existing clients and better understand their requirements, and strive for operational excellence. This has been reflected in successful projects during the period.

Management at all levels continue to work to develop, maintain and strengthen relationships with new and existing customers by delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and value.

In 2020, we commenced work on an extensive survey, across our UK business to ask clients and customers for their feedback. Overall the results showed that in the majority of key areas satisfaction was very good. We were rated as ‘above the market norm’ in many areas, particularly in safety, quality of service and our relationships with customers. We were also able to identify areas where we can add more value including making better use of data to drive energy efficiency and helping achieve customers net zero ambitions. This valuable feedback has been collated, analysed and shared across our business and is driving continuing improvement in this area.

Our commitment to our suppliers and partners

As a purpose-led, responsible organisation, Capula exists to create better outcomes for all stakeholders, including our suppliers and partners, with whom we seek to build lasting relationships, treating them fairly, while encouraging them to deliver. We continue to have a very strong relationship with our suppliers and partners and are always seeking new opportunities to further strengthen the existing relationship.

Our commitment to society

Imtech Group employs over 2,800 people within the UK and Ireland, and we are acutely mindful of the responsibility we have to support individuals and the communities we serve - and be a force for good in society. We aim to help restore the connection between companies and a public that has grown increasingly mistrustful of big business. As we drive to be a truly responsible business, we have engaged with a local school to help development their green area. The company also pays a local levy to the council to help local projects in the area. In 2020, we sought to make a number of changes to the way we work to minimise our negative impact on the environment. We focused on investing in energy efficiency – upgrading heating, lighting and air-conditioning systems across the business – and also on reducing our non-essential travel.

The future

Being part of the EDF Group provides us with support and backing to accelerate our growth plans, by giving us access to new customers, new sectors and new innovative technologies.

We bring to EDF our experience and skill around delivering complex technical projects, our national presence and reputation in mechanical and electrical engineering, technical maintenance and our systems integration capabilities.

We believe that working in this close collaboration with EDF provides us the opportunity to occupy a unique market position in the UK. Imtech’s skills and experience can support EDF’s delivery of services, as well as offer our current and new clients an exciting range of innovative new services and technologies. Looking forward, market conditions including implications of Brexit, might be volatile in the next few years.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers and suppliers for their continuing support and we look forward to working together to deliver a better experience on all our future collaborations.