Slavery & Human Trafficking

Slavery & Human Trafficking

Imtech is a technical services company that delivers projects, facilities management and systems integration to a large number of clients in the UK and Ireland. We do this through our employees, sub-contractor and equipment suppliers.

We have in place a number of robust processes which ensure that our staff and supply chain are treated in an ethical and lawful manner. These are delivered through our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications and go beyond the minimum standard required by legal compliance.

These processes include::

  • Business ethics and whistleblowing policies
  • Employment policies including:
    • Recruitment processes for carrying out checks on the right to work in the UK
    • Up-to-date employment contracts which comply with UK labour laws, for example, in respect of the national minimum wage, making deductions from wages, notice periods and working time
    • Equal opportunities policy
    • Anti-harassment and bullying policy
    • Grievance procedures
    • Our Code of Conduct setting out our corporate values
  • Corporate Social Responsibility policies, including Health and Safety and Sustainability policies
  • Training and competence programmes for employees and sub-contractors, including ensuring our employees and sub- contractors have the minimum levels of qualifications required to deliver our contracts
  • Our Supplier Code of Conduct signed by our Tier 1 Framework Suppliers which, in particular requires
    • Freely chosen employment and no form of forced labour.
    • Child labour avoidance
    • Working hours that do not exceed applicable legal limits.
  • Governance and compliance processes based on internal and external audits

As such we have every reason to believe that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in Imtech or our Tier 1 supply chain.

This Statement applies to all companies that are part of the Essci Ltd (09752439) Group (t/a Imtech). A list is appended.