Critical Site Evaluation

Critical Site Evaluation

Our Critical Site Evaluation solutions include:

Critical Systems Asset Register

Delivering a comprehensive register of your critical assets by documenting all devices and serial numbers agreed upon within the scope

Obsolescence Map

More often than not, vendors will encourage you to update or upgrade your systems to mitigate the obsolescence and stay current with their development roadmap. Whilst that approach may work for some customers, it is not practical or cost-effective for most. Our approach to obsolescence management therefore focuses on ‘management’. We will review the reports from the various equipment manufacturers but will take a wider view of the changes to your system (Operating System changes, PC hardware changes, software updates etc.) to assess how best to manage any obsolescence risks.

Spares Identification

You may already have a number of spares for your critical systems, but when your system fails you need to know that the spares you have are ready to go. We will identify spare components you have on site and check if and when they were last tested to give you greater peace of mind should something go wrong.

Vulnerability Report

The final element of the report combines all of this information with the vast experience of our field service engineers to deliver a personal vulnerability report that helps to highlight our recommendations, and the solutions that are going to be most effective in helping you to improve your plant resilience.

Critical asset visibility for
greater plant resilience

Industrial plants and stations are complex operational environments, typically having a range of technology and systems deployed across their estates from multiple manufacturers.

Due to the rapid change in technology, and the increased demand for minimal downtime, many industrial sites retain obsolete and legacy equipment with little visibility of the risks that they may pose.

Our Critical Site Evaluation takes into consideration your most critical assets as defined by you.


  • Increased visibility of your critical assets - giving greater confidence of the assets that are critical to your operations
  • Greater understanding of your systems and key indicators such as obsolescence
  • Ability to make more efficient decisions about spares holdings based on your risk appetite
  • Greater confidence that single points of failure and key vulnerabilities are identified, visible and with defined strategies for mitigation
  • Option of working alongside Capula’s dedicated Service & Support function to benefit from an extended specialist engineering team to support you with our support, protect or protect + packages.

Leading operational technologies

As an independent system integrator, we are vendor agnostic and have over 50 years of experience working with a number of leading industrial operational technologies.

We can collect information from almost any system from leading system partners such as Siemens, Rockwell, GE, ABB; and as authorised technical partners you can be assured that we are trusted and proven in our delivery.

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