Cyber Secure by Design

Cyber Secure by Design

Cyber Resilience / Secure by design

High Performing, Resilient, and Cyber Secure Technology

Protecting your critical assets, reducing risk, and managing the complexity associated with maintaining regulatory standards can place an unnecessary burden on operational teams.

Cyber in-built

We design and deliver cyber-secure solutions that keep you ahead of the threats you face today, as well as those on the horizon.

Whether retrofitting legacy, or working with new systems, our solutions have cyber in-built, giving you the assurance you need to focus on what you are good at.

" Helping critical infrastructure and industrial enterprises to build and maintain persistent Cyber resilience for the interconnected industrial systems of tomorrow "

Cyber resilience:
Protecting assets, operations and data

With greater connectivity, comes greater risk. We recognise that the industries we support have evolved and are now typically working with greater connections, with many different systems and asset types.

Protecting the assets, operations and data that are critical to any enterprise or industrial system is paramount, and our approach is built on delivering a zero-outage ethos that is backed by a cyber-secure backbone to ensure you can:

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Meet all regulatory compliance standards

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Minimise risk and increase resilience

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Deliver greater asset protection, performance & availability

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Protect revenue & profit

Our Solutions

End to end, from inception to delivery, we have a proven track record of working collaboratively to deliver solutions that transform and support our customers.

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System Hardening

Eliminate vulnerabilities before exploited by an attacker

Cyber Consultancy

Our portfolio adds value to every stage of the OT security process

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Cyber Resilience

Retrofit of legacy systems

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IEC 62443

Covering every stage from risk assessment through operations

Secure System Interoperability

Whether working with legacy or new systems, we ensure they are interoperable and secure

Cyber Essentials

Our NCSC Cyber Scheme accredited team are on hand to offer you flexible support tailored to your needs

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Penetration Testing

We undertake full penetration testing of systems, networks, websites or web applications

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Our suite of tailored training courses cover PLC, SCADA & telemetry systems including products from some of the leading manufacturers such as Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens and GE


Building on decades of experience supporting critical infrastructure, our services and solutions are closely aligned to the NIST framework, often seen as the gold standard for preventive security measures. This framework aligns to our recommended approach to optimise and maintain security practices in keeping businesses safe. However, no matter what regulation, compliance or industry-standard you adhere to, our services can be aligned to in accordance.

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