Valuable insight for industrial operations

Working with industrial data and data modelling

Data is key to driving better asset and operational performance, and we understand that having access to, and visibility of, real-time operational data is critical.

We help our customers better understand real-time operational performance with flexible KPIs by unifying data from existing heterogeneous devices, assets and systems across the enterprise.

Building data-based solutions

We work with a number of globally recognised automation and industrial models, meaning we can determine and deliver the right integration support options to our customers.

With experience across multiple sectors, we adopt the principles of Industry 4.0 and have wide ranging knowledge of standardised modelling approaches.

This ensures we can deliver data to the right people and systems, in the format it is demanded and when it is needed.

Proven and robust data models

Our application of standard models helps to deliver proven and robust data strategies for our customers, supporting them with a variety of solutions that are designed to deliver continuous improvement such as enhancing their asset management activities or delivering new or faster insights to support decision making.

Targeted data strategies

By using reference models, such as ISA-95, we deliver hierarchical models that interface between manufacturing and process operations, control and other enterprise functions, and we use a variety of technologies to support this.

These interfaces help us build a data strategy for our customers, helping to link physical assets, networks and software to feature and functionality, helping to more effectively solve problems or improve processes.

Whether you need your data to work harder, smarter or in a different way; our approach helps businesses transform and improve.


Greater digital connectivity doesn't always result in optimised operational performance. Industrial plants are data rich, but far too many fail to generate or realise the true value of the operational data held within their systems.

Our experience across a number of industrial sectors, combined with our application of Industry 4.0 technologies and practices to solve issues, means we can understand your business and develop information data models in an accelerated timeline to help to represent the data being passed around a system or an organisation.

Whether that be modelling for the utilities, nuclear or industrial sectors as shown in our case studies.

We can:

  • Connect operational system to existing operations management and enterprise resource planning systems, or recommend which systems to use.
  • Build Dashboards to show operational or KPI information to the people who need it, when they need it.
  • Provide insight about your assets based on historical information, to support business optimisation, asset management or new opportunities.

True value comes from our knowledge and independence of IT and OT – always ensuring the right technological and commercial advice

Industry 4.0 / Driving positive outcomes through data

We support our customers right across the data value chain.

We understand your assets, systems, platforms and people; which means we are able to better connect these to deliver the data you need to drive more intelligent operations.

Increase asset efficiency

Monitoring operations, reducing downtime and increasing network flexibility and agility

Reduce operational costs

Driving visibility monitoring asset health, optimising energy and resources

Third party interaction

Increasing effectiveness, improving and reporting service levels and 3rd party platform integration

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