Data Historians

Data Historians

Data Historians / Intelligent Operations

Many of our customer are looking to build on the connectivity of their automation and control technologies as well as drive greater synergies between their IT and OT systems.

In almost all instances, data is a key enabler to support more optimised asset performance, operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Advanced data historians

We are renowned specialists in the management and integration of data solutions, with specific focus on designing and delivering data historian solutions that derive further benefit from cloud strategies.

We help you make sense of the increasing amount of industrial data by consolidating disparate data sources into a secure, high performance database (data historian) that utilises rapid retrieval techniques.

We have experience of working with a range of data historians and have supported many of our customers to optimise the value held in industrial data sets.

Data historians collect data from many different data sources (PLC’s, DCS and proprietary instruments), connecting them into a common platform for analysis to help improve visibility of assets and operations and supporting decision making.
We understand your assets, systems, platforms and people; which means we are able to design data solutions that better connect these to drive more intelligent operations.

OSIsoft® PI System™

We are a specialist OSIsoft® partner, with unrivalled knowledge of the PI System™, having delivered a range of professional services including analytics and user-interface development, installation and configuration, application and management training, consultancy and technical auditing.

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We help our clients manage their data historians to

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