Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

A flexible Energy Management System

Energy Management Systems (EMS) are rapidly becoming essential components of a sustainability strategy, delivering greater visibility of energy consumption, and providing reporting capabilities to track usage patterns and optimise decision making.

With over 50 years experience of delivering large-scale control, automation and energy management systems to industrial environments, our end-to-end Energy Management System (EMS) connects the enterprise with the data it needs to better optimise its energy performance.

Leveraging open technologies

Whether your driver is cost, carbon or compliance, our Energy Management System (EMS) can deliver tangible results by connecting you with the data you need to make more informed business decisions.

Our solution is built on an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that allows us to build an interconnected network of assets, machines, systems and people. It allows us to transfer data automatically and in real-time in most cases.

And using open standards we can easily connect to currently installed customer metering, directly or via an existing building management system. Or we can help to recommend, source, and install new metering compatible to your business that can then be connected to.

Our approach to using IIoT platform means users can access data in real-time via a user-friendly dashboard(s).

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IIoT technology is predicted to save more than eight times the energy it consumes by 2030.

Source: White Paper: Sustainability in new and emerging technologies

Record, monitor, visualise and analyse energy consumption across your entire buildings’ portfolio

Our EMS solution helps monitor and connect distributed energy assets and systems to help deliver sustainable efficiency and performance gains.

We start by creating digital data models that represent our customers' sites and buildings so that data can be presented in line with their physical structures.

Whether that be sites; split into buildings, floors and zones, or factories divided into production lines, processes and assets.

The system is designed to be open and flexible. and since a large part of the system relies on accessing energy consumption data, we have ensured it is able to connect to many different types of energy meter.


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Built on the backbone of a mature IOT platform that enables an evolution into advanced analytics and control systems to optimise your energy operation.

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View your energy usage in real time and set alerts to notify users automatically to unexpected events and trends.

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Start with a single building or operation and extend the EMS to include other locations, equipment or parts of the business to give a complete view of your usage as you need it.

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Benchmark your operations and understand trends that can impact your decisions. Build in advanced machine learning and automation to improve operational efficiency.

"Reduction in electricity consumption would deliver an annual reduction of 3.5PWh of fossil fuels."

Source: White Paper: Sustainability in new and emerging technologies

Start to make your energy work for you...

Verify improvements

Our solution allows for the automatic analysis for before and after a chosen point in time. By utilising the annotation capabilities of the system, it is possible to automatically calculate maximum, minimum and average consumption around the selected dates for a selected period.

Visualise differences

The system allows information to be charted to visualise the difference. The example below shows the gas consumption difference before and after installation of Heat Source Pump technology on site and allowed the client to quickly see the dramatic change the new technology brought about and to verify the cost, carbon and consumption reduction against the claimed ROI of the technology.

Make data easier to understand

A key aspect of the system is designed to translate raw data in to easy-to-understand information. Whether it be the calculation of KPIs into context relevant to the general public, or more performance management type KPIs, these can be configured on a per building basis.

In addition, by applying the data to our building data model, we can provide context to the data so that it can be presented in a format that show how the energy consumption relates to specific parts of the building and the assets available in that part of the building.

Benchmark usage

The system allows clients to understand their consumption performance for a building or specific asset. By automatically calculating average peak and low consumption baselines based on historic data, it becomes easy to understand the baseline benchmark for an asset and to focus on times/situations where it operates outside the typical baseline.

Within the system there are also various charts and tables that can provide an understanding of best/worst consuming assets and the current real-time comparisons against averages.

Our proof of value approach

Rather than approaching energy management system projects from the technical feasibility of such technologies, we work with our customers to identify measurable objectives.

We extend beyond the application of the technology to streamline operations and to drive targeted and sustainable business benefits - helping our customers to reduce their costs and become more environmentally aware.

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