Low Voltage Drive Servicing

Low Voltage Drive Servicing

Preventative strategies for optimum performance

Variable speed drives (VSDs) are now more efficient, productive and easy to use than ever before, but did you know that those efficiency levels promised at the start can easily drift unless your drive is well looked after?

Drives have very few parts that need maintenance, but components eventually wear out and so need to be regularly checked, repaired and/or replaced. Being on top of what’s likely to go and when means you can pre-empt and avoid almost any failure.

Without preventive maintenance, the probability of VFD failure increases drastically. The most common failures are due to component aging or operational conditions, such as varying ambient temperature, high humidity, excessive and heavy loads. Signs of these failures typically start showing up after five to 10 years of operation.

A regular preventive maintenance programme of VFDs throughout their lifetime is an absolute requirement to ensure maximum availability and minimum unplanned repair costs. With apt and timely preventive maintenance, reliability of VFDs can be ensured and their lifetime extended.

Capula have extensive experience of all the major vendors and follow authorised servicing maintenance schedules which tasks can include:

  • Visual inspection of the VFD and environmental conditions.
  • Inspection of the connections.
  • Inspection of the ribbon and fibre optic cables.
  • Functional inspection of the fan and cooling system.
  • Electrostatic Discharge protected cleaning of the VFD.
  • Inspection of the 'emergency stop' circuit.
  • Inspection for the prevention of unexpected start-up circuit.
  • Inspection of the fault logger.
  • Inspection and storage of the parameters.
  • Functional testing of the VFD under normal conditions.
  • Basic measurements with supply voltage.
  • Inspection of the VFD spare part inventory.
  • Reforming of the spare module capacitors.

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