Capula has been at the forefront of implementing secure solutions for decades with our extensive ICS domain expertise. Security is an integral component of our systems and is considered in every phase of our operations from design and development to maintenance and support.



As independent specialists, we have developed strong working partnerships with many of the UK’s leading cyber security thought-leaders, helping us to solve some of the most complex security issues for our customers.

We can deploy the most sophisticated and proven security assessment tools on the market, helping to provide our customers with a greater understanding of their level of cyber maturity for their most critical assets.

Some of these services and toolsets have been developed and deployed within government bodies and are already enabling a number of critical national infrastructure customers to assess risk quickly and effectively.

Complementing our customers’ existing compliance programmes, our experts work across a wide range of sectors; from energy generation to utilities, distribution, nuclear and defence, delivering and supporting the achievement of some of the highest levels of ICS certification.


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Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) can protect against today’s most dynamic and sophisticated threats, but the technology alone isn’t enough – it must be tailored to the business environment, closely monitored and rigorously updated.

Our Managed IDS service solves these challenges, expertly configuring appliances to better defend critical assets, maintain availability and ensure compliance.

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How can a managed IDS service from Capula help to achieve compliance?

Interpreting the alerts that Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) generate requires a high degree of security knowledge to help to prioritise and plan your actions.

Yet many organisations lack the security expertise required to ensure they get the most from the investment in these sorts of systems.

Our IDS managed monitoring services relieve this pressure by providing a team of Operational Technology (OT) Security professionals, able to analyse and triage alerts and providing actionable mitigation guidance to respond swiftly and effectively to them.

Our IDS managed monitoring services also enables you to achieve a number of ISA/IEC 62443-3-3 security requirements related to continuous monitoring and timely response to alerts.

Our Services

Our customers can benefit from a range of specialist and targeted monitoring solutions, designed to ensure you can select the level of service and support you need for your business.

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Standard Monitoring

Our basic level of response, this solution delivers a notification service that keeps your informed of important events that require your team to take action. A periodic report of incidents and responses is provided monthly.

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Advanced Monitoring

Intrusion Detection Systems require a certain amount of tuning to maintain a high level of performance due to inevitable changes in the underlying network and operations, and to keep pace with the latest rule sets.

Our advanced monitoring service offers everything our standard service offers with the inclusion of regular periodic cyber analysis, and scheduled reviews that maximise detection capabilities and reduce false positives – all helping to increase business efficiencies and performance.

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Security Response Consultancy

In the event of a security incident or delivered on an ad-hoc basis, we can provide consultative advice to our customers’ challenges, diagnosing and investigating security incidents, performing maintenance or configuration, or delivering tuning tasks to Radiflow systems.

We can also provide consultative services on OT security s ubjects such as design assessments, mitigation recommendations and policy assessments.

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Continuous risk assessments

Regular risk assessments are a key part of planning and implementing secure OT networks as described in ISA/IEC 62443-2-1.

Through deployment of the CIARA we can simulate attacks on the digital model of your OT network to produce an overall risk score based on industrial sector and geolocation, and on the security mitigations that you have deployed.

However, whilst CIARA produces compliance and risk reports on demand, any changes (or prospective changes) can impact the security landscape significantly. Performing further human assessments helps to provide additional insights into the network, ensuring that conclusions being drawn are relevant to your business context.

We typically perform this service at the start of an engagement with a new customer site, and then on a rolling 6 monthly interval.

Key Benefits & features

Reduce risk

Expert IDS configuration, management and monitoring with immediate response to issues helping to lower the risk of business disruption.

Protect your brand

Continuous proactive IDS monitoring helps safeguard your business against attacks – protecting revenues, customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Focus on your business

By entrusting security to experts with over 50 years’ experience, you can free up your technical teams so they can focus on your core business.

Access to scarce expertise

Our engineers are security-cleared and have the highest industry accreditations; and their single-minded focus will keep your business secure.

Secure connection

All connectivity to and from our platform is secured and encrypted. If needed, our platform supports a one-way connection to ensure the isolation of OT environment from external threats.

Monthly reporting of cyber-risk information

Our monthly reports give you the data you need. Our platform displays aggregated data from all IDS instances including:

  • Total assets according to asset type
  • Total alerts according to severity
  • Alert engine and top network protocol.

In addition, we can provide a risk score for each IDS instance, for easy prioritisation of mitigation activities.

About Radiflow

Radiflow is a leading provider of industrial cyber security solutions for critical business operations. Their comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions empowers critical infrastructure and industrial enterprises to maintain visibility, control and security of their operational environment.

Radiflows intelligent threat management for industrial cybersecurity minimises potential business interruption and loss within OT environments. Their team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds, from veterans of military cyber and communications units to former employees of leading players in the industry.

Founded in 2009, Radiflow’ first solutions were launched in late 2011, validated by leading research labs and successfully deployed by major utilities worldwide. Learn more at


Radiflow CIARA is the first-of-its-kind data-driven risk assessment & management platform for industrial organizations.

Serving as a stakeholder decision-support tool, CIARA empowers CISOs and owners of complex ICS environments to increase the effectiveness of their risk-mitigation measures throughout the entire system lifecycle, while optimizing cybersecurity expenditure.

CIARA employs a fully-automated, data-driven Breach & Attack Simulation (OT-BAS) engine, which calculates the success likelihood of different attacker techniques and effectiveness of risk-mitigation measures, using thousands of data points for network, asset, locale, industry, adversary capabilities and attack tactics.

The result is a comprehensive mitigation roadmap (fully ISA/IEC 62443-compliant), prioritized by each mitigation control’s contribution to overall risk reduction, thus maximizing cybersecurity ROI.


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