Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence Management

Minimise downtime, save costs, and sustainably increase the service life of your products.

It is important to recognise that all Hardware and Software has a useful life and that over time the systems you have installed are likely to be updated and replaced.

Equipment manufacturers typically employ a ‘traffic light’ report similar to the one below to indicate the obsolescence status of their systems.

More often than not, the vendor will encourage you to update or upgrade your systems to mitigate the obsolescence and stay current with their development roadmap.

Whilst that approach may work for some customers, it is not practical or cost-effective for most.

Available to buy from the vendor

Fully supported by the vendor

In support

Not available to buy new from the vendor
Vendor will replace or repair (via support agreement)


Not available to buy from the vendor
Supported by the vendor (repair only)

Note: The traffic light system is used by many vendors to indicate the obsolescence status of their equipment. The precise definition of Red, Amber, Green may vary.

Our approach

Our approach to obsolescence management therefore focuses on ‘management’. We will review the traffic light reports from the various equipment manufacturers, but will take a wider view of the changes to your system (Operating System changes, PC hardware changes, software updates etc.), to assess how best to manage the risks of obsolescence.

With this service we will perform a review of your systems and issue an Obsolescence Report annually.

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