OSIsoft® PI System™ Audits & Healthchecks

OSIsoft® PI System™ Audits & Healthchecks

OSIsoft® PI System™ Audits / Healthchecks

Many of our customers already have the OSIsoft® PI System™ embedded in their businesses, and are typically looking to build on the data they already collect to help better optimise their asset performance, operational efficiencies and to enable cost synergies.

Enhance your OSIsoft® PI System™

As a specialist OSIsoft® Systems Integration partner, we have unrivalled experience of the PI System™ and deliver a range of professional services and support to a number of critical infrastructure customers.

Our audits and healthchecks are designed to assess your current OSIsoft® PI System™ implementation to look at ways in which you can optimise and further benefit from the data you hold, and the investment you have made.

With a focus on reducing downtime, risk reduction and process improvement, our PI System™ healthcheck and audit services provide seamless support to clients operating in highly regulated, complex and critical industries.

Our healthcheck services are designed to optimise your OSIsoft® PI System™ investments
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Optimising your OSIsoft® PI System™ investments

We can provide experienced OSIsoft® PI System™ engineers to undertake comprehensive audits and healthcheck assessments for your current 'as built' implementation.

We help review the architecture, licenses, tag count, user requirements and provide recommendations that optimise your installation through the application of best practice and industry benchmarking.

Our OSIsoft® PI System™ audits & healthchecks include:

  • Inventory of customer and third-party applications
  • Utilisation, loadings, data streams
  • Configuration and modifications that better suit user requirements
  • High availability and fail over
  • Capacity planning and licensing model
  • System risks and performance
  • System support and training

What's the cost?

Our standard audit, which includes a maximum of 5 PI servers, is priced at £6,000.

Additional PI servers are priced at £1,200.

Audits and assessments in detail

Undertaken by our qualified OSIsoft® PI System™ engineers, audits are where possible conducted remotely for your agreed number of sites, PI server nodes, interfaces, system manager, custom or third-party applications.

Our OSIsoft® PI System™ audits are undertaken once the following audits and prerequisites have been met.

Software audit

  • PI Data Archive, PI-AF, Client and Interface software version inventory
  • License usage audit
  • Performance and configuration audit
  • PI System architecture review
  • Hardware and OS inventory
  • Inspection of PI System logs
  • Inspection of PI System performance metrics
  • Review security model
  • Review high availability options and fail over
  • PI Tag configuration audit
  • PI Backup and restore procedure
  • Custom or third-party applications
  • Architecture and functionality of current custom or third-party applications
  • System administration and administration practices
  • Technical support overview and plan for resolving any issues / risks identified
  • Optimal system requirements and architecture design
  • Audit findings and recommendations


  • Customer technical staff need to be available to provide system access for the duration of the audit (PI System, Security, Network, and Control Systems)
  • Customer to provide the list of nodes to be audited (PI Server, PI Interface nodes, Administrator console, custom and third-party applications and clients)
  • Customer to provide an up-to-date network architecture and technical staff available to answer questions about existing data sources
  • Customer application users to be available to answer questions about existing and future applications

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