Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment for increasingly connected systems

As industrial control systems are becoming increasingly connected, they are more exposed to threats.

Events resulting from cyber attacks can adversely affect an organisation. They can significantly impact on operational continuity, efficiency and safety; and can have the potential to cause devastation to communities and economies. Such high-consequence events are constant drivers for organisations looking to protect their industrial networks or Operational Technology (OT).

An assured framework

Our OT risk assessment follows internationally recognised standards and best practices such as IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82 and the NCSC CAF which are specifically tailored to industrial control, automation, and other systems.

Specifically designed to identify site level risks as opposed to organisational level risks, our OT risk assessments include the following IEC 62443 aspects and address the areas of:

  • FR 1 - Identification and authentication control
  • FR 2 - Use control
  • FR 3 - System integrity
  • FR 4 - Data confidentiality
  • FR 5 - Restricted data flow
  • FR 6 - Timely response to events
  • FR 7 - Resource availability

Having undertaken an assessment, our findings help to identify a risk rating using a standard risk rating system which is easily adjusted to your organisation's risk profile.

An assessment of how effective the OT security controls that an organisation has implemented is included in our findings with risks mapped out to the relevant parts of the IEC 62443.

We deliver end-to-end security services built on our experience in defending some of the UK’s critical infrastructure

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Why Capula

Security is part of everything we do.

Capula has been at the forefront of OT solutions for decades. With our extensive ICS domain expertise, we create and secure critical systems in complex environments supporting some of the most demanding industries in the UK.

Security is an integral component of our systems and is taken into account in every phase of our operations, from design and development to maintenance and support.

With over 200 experienced OT engineers and Cyber Security experts, we have been able to respond to the needs of the OT industry.

We work with some of the largest energy customers in the UK to manage complex security needs, from audit and compliance requirements, to policy, architecture and engineering design.

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