Spares Management

Spares Management

Minimise cost and reduce downtime

It is important that sufficient spares are available to service the active control systems. The spares should be maintained and audited regularly to ensure they are available, in good working order and are suitable for use in the event of an active system failure.

Our Spares Management Services aim to help you with this process.

As a part of our Spares Management Services we will record the work completed and maintain a Spares Management Report to verify the status of your spares.

We will tailor our service to complement the processes you may already have in place. Typically, our service may include: -

Spares Auditing

Our Service Engineer will visit the site to audit the spares that are held. As a part of this service we will provide an inventory of what is held and identify any shortfall in stock levels. If required, we can also provide you with a quotation to replenish your spares.

Bonded Spares Holding

We are able to hold a bonded stock of spares at our offices in Stone, Staffordshire. This may be in addition to the site-held spares or instead of site-held spares. The main advantage of this being that spares may be pooled across multiple sites, reducing your overall spares holding requirement.

Spares Testing

There is a small risk that equipment stored for a long period of time may fail whilst on the shelf (dry joints etc.). There is an increased risk of this with aging equipment, or if your storage facility does not maintain the equipment within the recommended environmental guidelines.

Our Service Engineers will perform checks on your spares to ensure that they power up and are operational.

Spares Configuration

Many hardware items have configurable components (firmware, jumpers, switch settings etc.) that must be changed before they can be used to replace a faulty item within your system.

Our Service Engineers will review the configuration settings used within your system. We’ll then preconfigure any spares that have common settings/firmware revisions etc.

For spares that cannot be pre-configured we will create a maintenance guide (where appropriate) to instruct you how to configure the spare when it is needed.

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