System Health Checks

System Health Checks

Preventative strategies for
improved system resilience

Regular system health checks can help support more proactive and preventative maintenance strategies.

We recommend performing a system health check annually as part of a regular preventive maintenance program and long-term improvement plan.

Our Service Engineer will visit site to audit the installed systems and proactively check for issues before they become a problem.

What we check will depend upon the equipment installed but typically includes: -

Operating Temperature

Check the ambient temperature to confirm equipment is not exposed to extremes that are outside the recommended operating range.

Physical Security

Check for evidence of unsecured panels, broken locks, keys left in panels, unauthorised connections to switches/ports etc.

Hardware Status

Check hardware status indicators for warning/fault notifications.

Water/Dust Ingress

Check for evidence of water/dust that may affect the equipment (including signs corrosion or nearby water leaks, flooding etc.).

Physical Damage

Check for evidence of damage to panels and cabling.

Alarm & Event logs

Check alarm and event logs for evidence of issues including events that may have cleared but pose an ongoing risk.

We create a checklist that is tailored to your specific installation.

On the day of our audit we will use the checklist to record our observations then issue it to you as a Health Check Report. Before leaving the site, our Service Engineer will discuss their observations with you and highlight any issues or remedial work that we would advise.

If your change management process permits, we are also able to extend our visit to include small remedial work that is identified in the audit, alternatively this will be provided as a proposal.

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