Capula and Codra announce partnership

Capula has partnered with Codra, a French company specialising in providing industrial software to multiple industry sectors with a focus on the energy sector. Codra’s software products are well established in the power generation and nuclear industries where longevity and total dependability are essential requirements on mission critical national infrastructure projects.

This new partnership will see Capula offering innovative, reliable solutions based upon Codra’s software that will enhance the companies offering across all sectors. Capula is an approved systems integrator for the Panorama range of software and this new relationship will allow the company to support new and existing clients with the new product range.

'We are very pleased about the collaboration with Capula. Together we can offer to a wide range of customers in UK professional SCADA solutions, with real added value’, said Eric Oddoux, Codra’s Managing Director.

Codra’s Panorama system is a state-of-the art SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system used for local and remote monitoring and control. Some of the unique features of the software suite are full object orientation and advanced availability due to native n+1 standby features as well as process visualisation playback functions.

'With our presence in the nuclear sector and our existing power generation relationships, we are pleased that this collaboration will help provide our clients with an even wider range of first-class options for their automation challenges', commented Mark Hardy, Capula’s Managing Director.

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