Capula Windfarm Performance Management solution helps SSE improve operational efficiency

Capula, a leading independent system integrator and part of Imtech has been assisting SSE, a major utility organisation, through the development and implementation of a solution to optimise operational efficiency of their onshore windfarm fleet.

The solution is deployed from SSE’s main offices in Perth, Scotland and enables raw data from all 115 SSE windfarms across the UK and Ireland to be turned into meaningful operational information that helps drive improved business performance through near real-time analysis of fleet, region, site, turbine and component status, with monitoring of performance against key performance indicators (KPI’s).

The generation of electricity from renewable sources in the north of Scotland has been growing fast in recent years and Capula’s solution is particularly beneficial in this market sector as a key challenge facing windfarm operators is having a clear and accurate understanding of how their assets are performing at any one time.

Given the often remote locations in which windfarms are found, undertaking routine maintenance can be a time consuming and costly exercise, so using operational data to enable a predictive approach to this requirement means resources are utilised only when needed, costs are saved and asset life is extended.

The Windfarm Performance Management solution enables engineers and management to view at-a-glance asset status and exercise remote fault-finding over an entire fleet of windfarms via desktop, smart phone or tablet, which means operatives no longer have to physically visit sites to check on asset condition, saving both time and money.

John Evans, an IT Enterprise Manager at SSE credited Capula with their foresight in developing the solution, “The more I explore the solution the more I’m impressed by how it will improve our overall performance. We can even set up notifications to identify turbines at risk of malfunction and the dashboard provides our engineers with enhanced information to assist in our overall vision of optimising operational efficiency and reducing downtime and costs.”

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